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Explaining Measurement Services

Our Methodology

Catalyst's methodology aims to evaluate each quantitative and qualitative benefit, while also utilizing benchmarking research to assess investments within the marketplace. Valuation components are based on commonly accepted analytical metrics and established principles in the industry. This further allows the results to be clear, valid, and justifiable throughout the varying verticals of media buying, experiential marketing, and sponsorship.

Capabilities and Services

  • In-Stadium Signage

  • Valuation of IP Rights ("Official Sponsorship, Logo Rights, etc.)

  • Digital Media

  • Television and Radio Buying

  • Hospitality - Client/Prospect Entertainment

  • On-Site Activation

The Value of Sponsorship Measurement

Independently sourced data allows our clients to:

  • Conduct internal ROI analysis comparing it to sales data

  • Arm themselves with valuable intelligence when negotiating with properties and rightsholders

  • Understanding the fair market value generated by their sponsorship portfolio in a simple and transparent way

    • Rather than utilizing computer programs to track brand exposure, our staff collects data personally to ensure brand exposure is tracked accurately from the perspective of the target audience.

    • We provide all of the data we collect and a full explanation of how we calculate values rather than hiding behind proprietary formulas.

Sample Scope of Work/Deliverable

Catalyst to provide detailed reports quantifying the total brand exposure generated by the client's in-stadium signage:

  • Suggestions for ways to improve ROI

  • Total value received taking into account client objectives

  • Estimated brand impressions - both in-person and through television exposure

  • Total television viewership for all events

  • Total time on screen during broadcasts


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