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Marketing for a Cause - Jon Lester's NVRQT

Updated: Jun 15, 2021


Chicago Cubs all-star pitcher, World Series Champion, and cancer survivor Jon Lester presented us with the challenge of conceptualizing and developing his NVRQT (never quit) campaign aiming to strikeout children's cancer through fundraising for pediatric research.


With Jon's personal focus and attention rightfully spent on making countless discreet and unpublicized visits to children with cancer throughout the country, we focused on developing a multi-tiered strategy aimed at driving both awareness and fundraising opportunities. These tactics included initiatives that were executed by fellow athletes and celebrities in the music and entertainment industries via both earned and social media, annual fundraising events in Jon's home markets of Boston and now Chicago, and developing corporate partnerships in support of all efforts. The net effect has allowed Jon's foundation to donate over $1.2 million to The Pediatric Cancer Research Fund, and generate an even greater level of awareness and exposure for the cause, making a highly tangible difference in the lives of families affected by the disease.


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