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Pop Chips - Tactical Consumer Marketing

Updated: Jun 22, 2021


At the outset of its initial marketing campaign, PopChips provided us with a three-fold challenge: 1. Refine existing national target segments for local markets through the development of relevant messaging. 2. Develop and execute influencer campaigns. 3. Expand and support distribution channels.


We addressed each of PopChips' challenges in a concise and definable manner. In regards to consumer targeting, we identified four key sub-targets within segments and tuned the message depending on each segment. For influencer campaigns, we developed and executed a staged release for individuals, executed product drops to hundreds of local businesses, and elevated the PopChip brand at events such as the Doug Flutie and Paul Pierce charity events, as well as at the Nantucket Film Festival. Finally, to address the challenge of distribution development and support, we opened up ten new distribution channels ranging from regional grocers to hotel chains which had previously not been aware of the product. PopChips identified the strategies we developed as the leading regional program in terms of qualitative and quantitative (i.e. sales) effects, and we were awarded continuing work as a result.


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