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Results Matter


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Sports Marketing

The convergence of the quantitative impact of data & analytics with the qualitative power of fan affinity & avidity dramatically expands the value proposition of a well-structured sports marketing strategy.



Devising and executing these strategies is our core expertise. Delivering meaningful results to our clients is our mission.


In an age of increasing media fragmentation, live sporting events remain the best opportunity to connect with engaged audiences at scale. 


The Importance of Being Nimble in a Rapidly Changing World

According to Adweek, Covid-19 affected 120,000 partnerships and forced more than 5,000 brands to figure out how to recoup lost value and more importantly, how to adjust long-term sponsorship strategies.


Catalyst continues to work hand in hand with our clients and their partners to revalue and reset every single sponsorship to ensure ROI and ROO metrics are still being efficiently delivered.


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